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Free Shared Calendar App to manage your schedule

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Simple, fast and easy-to-use

Communicate your calendar to your friends and colleagues with a very simple tool.
A great calendar is like an excellent assistant, to help you forget nothing. Without them, most of us would miss professional appointments or important events like birthdays. Calule can help you improve your profitability. It is available from any device.
What is calule ?

Calule is a free shared calendar app to manage your schedule. Is it developed like a social network for events.

Want to view the availability of a tennis hall, a meeting room or share your professional calendar ?
After you sign up, simply update your profile so that users can identify you and you'll be easily findable using the calendar search. Calule is a very easy-to-use site. You can test quickly : account deletion is as fast as registration.

When you create an account, simply click on the box of your choice to register a new event.
Do the same thing to delete or edit an event.
Calendar consultation can be done without registration, so you can share your calendar from any site or social network.

Calule is free : There is no trial period like on other sites.

When planning a trip, do you think of a simple way to share the week's schedule for free ?
What means does a school have to share class schedules ?

Private or public shared calendar ?

By default, when you sign up, your calendar is shared and public.
You can of course change the confidentiality of your calendar so that nobody can see it.
If many people regularly ask you if you are free to do something and you do not have time to answer. You just need to create your calendar which will be systematically consulted before any call attempt.
This model is applicable for all domains : private, family or professional.

How to share my calendar ?

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When you're signed in, just click on the social share buttons to share your calendar.

Other users will see it without registration.

In the profile section you can add a description and a photo.

A free online shared calendar compatible with any device

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We strive to make it compatible and accessible from any device.

In this way, users can see schedule changes from any location.

You can identify yourself using facebook or google on a computer, laptop or tablet.

The design is simple and allows you to search and consult calendars in a minimum of effort with the help of autocompletion.

A color code allows you to identify your calendar more quickly : If the calendar does not belong to you, its name appears in green.